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Creator Accelerator 🚀

A self paced, zero-commitment program to help creators build their income with workshops and paid livestreaming. October to December cohort now open! 🎉

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Coaching, design work, social media ads, and more to help grow your income with Conifer

Whether you're new to workshops and paid livestreaming, or simply just new to Conifer, our accelerator is the best way to reach your earnings potential.

Interested? Send us your info and we're happy to hold a spot for you!

Try the Accelerator

Get exclusive rewards and world class support designed to turn your workshops into a cash cow

Social media ads 💸

Our team runs high-spend social media ad campaigns to help you sell as many tickets as possible and maximize your earnings.

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Sell out your workshops and turn your followers into superfans

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Acquire brand new customers you wouldn't have reached before

Hands-on coaching & support 🙋‍♂️

We'll help you create the perfect workshop on Conifer. Just decide on the details, share it out, and stream.

Conifer customer support representative
Conifer customer support representative
Conifer customer support representative

Our team provides coaching, support, and more 7 days a week.

Dedicated Graphic Designer 👩‍💻

Our in-house design team provides workshop banners, social media posts, and more. All using your branding.

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2-day turnaround time on new designs

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Ownership given to you through Canva. It all belongs to you

Custom Analytics & Reporting 📈

Our team provides you with a weekly analytics report and deep insights to help you run even better livestreams in the future.

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Heatmaps, visitor metrics, and more

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Pricing recommendations to help you maximize income

How the accelerator works

You choose your start date. Then, we'll get your first workshop published and selling tickets within a week

We will get you up and running in 4 easy steps, and our team handles 90% of the work! You just decide on the details, share with your followers to start selling, and join with your attendees when the time comes.

Day 1

We conduct a 20-minute discovery meeting

Here we learn about you as a creator, your goals with paid livestreaming, and other details like your branding and what your followers like to see. Then, together we'll brainstorm a few livestream ideas and give you a couple of days to decide on one.

🎨  After this call, our team starts designing the first options for your livestream cover image and social media posts. You can choose your favorite option or request other edits!

Example of a creator's brand page on Conifer, using a cooking creator as the example

Day 3

Our team sets up an account for you & builds your first livestream

To help get the ball rolling, we'll create your account and even set up your first livestream using the idea you chose. Afterwards, we'll transfer the account to you and you can simply go through and make edits as you see fit.

Example of a creator's brand page on Conifer, using a cooking creator as the example

Day 5

We connect to your social accounts to prepare your ad campaigns

Our team will need to meet with you one more time, so you can grant us collaborator access on your social accounts. That allows us to promote your livestream to your existing community and others in your niche, in order to fully maximize your income!

Example of a creator's brand page on Conifer, using a cooking creator as the example

Day 7

You hit publish and start selling!

When you're ready, you can share your livestream with your followers and start making sales. On the same day, our team will also kick off your social media ads! When the day of your livestream arrives, log in to Conifer and join with your attendees.

Example of a creator's brand page on Conifer, using a cooking creator as the example

Run only one livestream or one hundred. With our accelerator, you're in control 💪

Find the frequency and level of support that works for you. No commitment, no obligations, and no pressure. The ball is in your court, we're just here to help!

Who is the accelerator for?

Conifer works for all niches, but our accelerator works especially well for the following.

Art & Illustration

Handmade Crafts



Beauty & Makeup





Personal Growth


Wellness & Health

Don't see your niche here? Don't worry! If you're a creator, our platform and accelerator can work for you.

Common questions about the accelerator

Is there any commitment necessary?
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Nope! 🙅‍♂️ Our accelerator is zero pressure and zero commitment. We won't make you sign anything, and won't force you to host a certain number of livestreams. We are strongly encouraging everyone to host their first livestreams in October, but if you are unable to for any reason we won't hold it against you! 😄

How much work is required on my end?
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Not a lot! Our team will help steer you along as you get the hang of paid livestreaming. And we handle most of the heavy lifting too. Ultimately, you'll need to make the final call on your livestream topic (and schedule), share it with your followers, and join with your attendees when the day comes. That's about it, we handle the rest!

How long does the accelerator last?
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The accelerator lasts from October to December, meaning our set of perks and support are fully active until then! But there's no requirement you stick around for that long (heck, you can even stay with us longer than November if you want 😉 ). The accelerator is in place for you for as long as you'd like to take advantage of it.

Does the accelerator cost anything?
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Nope! As a matter of fact, you could say we are paying you (if you factor in our social media campaigns)!

What is Conifer's pricing?
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There's no upfront or monthly fee to use Conifer, our platform costs $0 per month! 🙌  We just take a 12% ticket commission (mostly to cover our video streaming costs). So, if you sold $1,136 of tickets for a livestream, you would pocket $1,000.

How much money can I expect to make from Conifer?
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It's tough to throw out speculative guesses, but we've identified a few key factors that impact Conifer earning potential. We've built an earnings calculator based on those factors. Submit this 2-minute questionnaire and we'll send you an estimation by the next morning.

Does Conifer have any tips for creators about how to sell more tickets or grow their memberships?
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What creators are saying about Conifer

I do yoga and mobility workshops with Q&A sessions, and Conifer is really easy to use both for me and my attendees. Setting up a livestream on Conifer could not be any easier, it's really seamless and their team is always there if you need help through the process.

Cristina Gomez's headshot

Adriana Lee

@yogawithadriana • 209k followers

"Conifer is really easy and intuitive to use. Even better, their team is amazingly helpful throughout the process. They provide a lot of hands-on guidance, and even helped me do a short test run of my event. I highly recommend Conifer to anyone running online events or workshops!"

Cristina Gomez's headshot

Victoria Brady

@vickinosecrets • 84k followers

"I host live cooking classes and Q&As with my followers, and Conifer is easy to use and makes the setup simple. Conifer's team is really helpful. I honestly never expected to receive so much support, but they help in a lot of ways and are always there to answer any questions."

Cristina Gomez's headshot

Relle Lum • 94k followers


Spots remaining!

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