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How is Conifer different from other platforms? Why not just grow a YouTube channel?
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Monetizing on YouTube is hard. You can have a bustling community of hundreds, or even thousands of members, but the economics simply don't reward you for the value you create. The same goes for other platforms.
Conifer lets you monetize your most fervent followers, on an ongoing basis, via the premium nature of events. This is much more suitable for the everyday creator, who doesn't have millions of followers.

Can I use my Conifer events as part of a Patreon tier, or keep it exclusive for certain followers?
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Absolutely! You can publish an event as private, and only share the registration page with your Patreon tier (or anywhere else you want).

Can I record my events, and use them on content on social media or online courses? Do I own the content?
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Yep, you own the content 100%! We automatically record all of your event sessions as video files, so you can download each one from your dashboard as soon as your event is finished. Perfect for social media, or you can combine a few different videos into an online course or other digital product.

How much does Conifer cost, and how much do I earn from my events?
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There's no upfront or monthly cost to use Conifer. We just take a 12% commission of your ticket sales (mostly to cover our video streaming costs). So, if you sold $1,136 of tickets for a livestream, you would pocket $1,000!

Would I be a good fit for Conifer?
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If you have a niche, Conifer works. Of course, it always helps to have an existing community, so you can hit the ground running. But it's certainly possible to build a business from scratch with Conifer.

How much money can I expect to make from Conifer?
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It's tough to throw out speculative guesses, but we've identified a few key factors that impact Conifer earning potential. We've built an earnings calculator based on those factors. Submit this 2-minute questionnaire and we'll send you an estimation by the next morning.

Does Conifer have any tips for creators about how to sell more tickets or grow their memberships?
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