Getting interactive with your attendees

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Parker Miller
Getting interactive with your attendees

Howdy, my name's Parker. I'm part of the growth team here at Conifer and in this tutorial, I'm going to be going over something really simple but really important, which is how you can make your live streams interactive and bring your attendees onto video alongside yourself. So let's go ahead and kick things off. As you can see right now, I'm actually in a session room at a live stream that I've scheduled. I just allowed camera permissions. So as the host, I'm about to go live here.

If I'm happy with how I look and all my equipment checks out, I can hit, accept and go live. And now I'm streaming to my attendee's you already know this, I'm sure. But now how do I get a bit more interactive? How do I bring my attendees onto video, if that's what they want? That's a really important thing to do. If it's maybe an art workshop or a music, a group music lesson or a yoga class or any other number of use cases, it's important to bring people on the video if they're interested.

So you have a couple of different options here that kind of provides the first one. And I'm going to be using my phone to help Demo here. I'm going to be pretending I'm an attendee, but the first feature you have at your disposal is actually called activity mode. There's a button right down here says start activity mode. And what this lets you do is if you hit it, it sends out an invitation to all of your attendees, asking them if they want to come live and join you.

Now they can say no if they want. But for those of them who are interested, as you'll see in a moment, if I click. Start activity mode. It will send us is getting weird inception like here, it'll send this request to all of your attendees and then if they want to come on. They can click, accept and join Zarnow. They're live with you. We got three different cameras going on here. Turn that off now.

So that's one method you can use to bring your attendees onto video and make things a bit more interesting, activity mode is fantastic. And but other than that, let's say you want to keep things a bit more close to the vest. You want to keep a run, a tighter ship, and you only want to bring maybe one or two people on at a time. The best way to do that is by inviting individual attendees onto video. So over here in the chat area, at any time during your live stream, you could hover over someone's name and invite them onto video.

Now, the experience for the attendees is exactly the same. They get that pop up that I showed a moment ago. But as the host, this does give you a bit more control. For example, if you're doing a Q&A portion and you just want to be the only one on video, but you want to bring people on and off one by one, that's the best way to do that, is just hover over someone's name and chat, invite them to video.

And he's not actually here, so you won't see him, come on. And then once you're done talking to that person, you can withdraw them back as a spectator. So as you can see, we have a couple different ways here that you can get people involved, get them onto video. But these are both very powerful when you use them together. And for the most part, for any use case, you can imagine where you'd want to bring people into video.

You should be able to accomplish that through some combination of these two features. So that's all there is to it. As usual, when you're done with your session, you can end the broadcast. And yeah, you've just made an interactive livestream on Calver. So, as always, if you have any questions for our team, if you'd maybe like to try a practice run and test out some of these features with us, we'd be more than happy to kind of go through that with you.

So feel free to chat our support on our website. Otherwise, thank you for watching and I hope this was helpful.

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