Scheduling Your First Livestream on Conifer

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Scheduling Your First Livestream on Conifer

Hey, this is Parker from the growth team at Conifer, and I'm back today with another tutorial. Today, we're going to be going through our platforms, Livestream Builder, so you can see how to actually create and schedule a live stream that you'll be running with your followers. This is super important for obvious reasons. You can't schedule a live stream and start making money until you learn how to do this. It's fairly straightforward, but as you'll see, there are a couple of tools you can wield to kind of maximize your sales from your live streams and create a better experience for your attendees.

We're going to jump right in usually when you come onto the platform. Before you create your first live stream, we're either going to have you create a brand for the first time, remember, that's just who you go by as a creator. Otherwise, if you've already created one, we'll ask you to switch to that brand. And once you've done that, you can click create a live stream. And it will take you into our live stream builder here now, rather than go through and have you look at empty information instead, I'm going to edit an existing one because the process is exactly the same.

So I'm going to edit this Lifestream right here that I've already scheduled, this is basically a Halloween themed art workshop, if you will, but this is how our live stream builder works. You basically go through the series of steps and put in information one step at a time about your live stream. You start off on step number one, which is basic info. This is fairly straightforward. You can upload cover art to start with, upload a cover image.

You can use a stock photo if you want or if you have kind of a branded thumbnail that you'd like to design or have our team help you design. You can upload that here. They can just give it a title, a description and a time zone. You can optionally set a time for the live stream, but we're going to do that as well in the session step. So that one's optional. After you've set basic info, you can move on to tickets, take it to the best part, because this is how you make money as a creator, you can create one or you can create two types of tickets here.

The first one is a live attendance ticket. This ticket type allows anyone who buys it to join your live stream live as an attendee and you can bring them on to video or however you want to handle it. But this gives people access to attend the live stream as it's happening, and they can also access the recording of the live stream afterwards. You can also create a recording access ticket, which is separate from the one I just described, and this only gives people the ability to watch the recording.

So this is perfect for people who, if they can't attend it, live, maybe they have some kind of conflict on their calendar. But they do want to see the content. You create this ticket type. It lets them buy a discounted ticket that gives them access to the recording. She can create one or both of these ticket types, give it a title and description, a price and a quantity, and after that you can move on to the live stream team.

The live stream team is basically just who's going to be running this live stream, who's going to be on camera streaming to the attendees 99 out of 100 times. This will probably just be you, which is why we automatically populate your info right here. So in most cases, you'll be able to just skip over this step. But if you're going to co-host a live stream with a collaborator or you want to change your profile photo or what have what have you, you can do that here and then save and continue forward.

Now, Sessions, this is probably the most important element of the live stream builder. Let's say you're creating a live stream and it's going to be a workshop, but you also want to do something after the workshop, like a brief 30 minute Q&A or a meetup, kind of our where everyone comes on the video and just hangs out with each other with sessions. You can separate those out and treat them a little bit differently. So you can create a session, as you can see I've done here, maybe one that's a workshop for about an hour, then one that's an art showcase for 30 minutes, just as an example, and then a final session.

That's like a speed sketch session with with your attendees. But sessions here give you the ability to create each of those separately. People can see everything you're planning for your live stream as a whole so they can really see the value there. You can kind of do a better job of planning out your time and keeping things on track. But as you'd expect, you can create a session kind of like this, give it a title, a description, upload a photo for that session if you want, and then set the start and end time for that session.

After you've set up the sessions, you're almost there, you have two more optional features you can use. You can upload files for your live stream. Let's say there is a Photoshop or some some kind of software download that someone needs to get the most out of your live stream. You can attach that or maybe a PDF to entice people into buying tickets. You can add those here. And then if you have any sponsors, any brands who are sponsoring you doing this live stream, well, you can add them here as a sponsor and our platform will give them a little bit of real estate inside of the live stream itself.

Once you get through this final step, you're all good to go to publish your live stream, so you've just gone all the way through the scheduling process and now, as you'll see. The live stream is fully built out, scheduled and ready for you to start selling tickets so you can share this page with your followers wherever you want, they can see all the info about the livestream. And by access, that's all there is to it, if you have any questions, if you're going through the Lifestream, build yourself and you'd like a little bit of assistance.

Our team is here to help just reach out to us, and we'd be glad to give you a hint. Thanks.

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