Your Brand on Conifer (building your live video empire)

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Parker Miller
Your Brand on Conifer (building your live video empire)

Hey again, my name is Parker, I'm part of the growth team here at Conifer, and I'm making this tutorial to explain to you how your brand works on Conifer and ultimately how you can use it to build your live video empire. Boom. All right. So to kick things off, how to brands work on Conifer? That can be a bit confusing. Well, when you sign up on our platform, we start you off with a personal account. This is usually accounts that people use to attend live streams rather than host them.

Now, if you want to host a live stream, which I assume you do, if you're watching this, you're going to have to create a brand. For the first time, when you click, create a live stream in our app. We're going to ask you to either pick an existing brand that you've already built before or create a new one. Now, this can get a little confusing with the terminology, but a brand is just what you go by as a creator.

It could be just your first name and last name and your face maybe, or it could be in this example. Mine is art with Parker. It's kind of the persona that I go buy online. But you create that here. You can upload kind of a banner image for your brand page, which you'll see in a moment, upload a main logo and then give your name, description and a brand color. And the future will allow you to actually personalize more of the look and feel when people attend your live streams.

You can also have links. If you have a website for your brand, you know, Facebook, you URL, YouTube channel, Instagram, you can add all of those here and then you create your brand. After your after you do that, you can actually build live streams as that brand. And that's really how you do everything on Conifer as a creator. But anyhow, you can edit your brand at any time by clicking edit brand in the side.

You can see I've got a better image already and a logo. You can change any of these links if you'd like. But what's really cool about brand accounts I'm calling for is this you have what we call your brand page. It's basically a home page for you as a creator or conifer, kind of similar to a patriotic page or a YouTube channel. This page has a URL you can share. You can put it in your Instagram bio. You can link to it on your link tree wherever you want.

But it's centralizes all of your live streams that you've ran or are going to run on Conifer, you can see here it lists out your upcoming live streams that you have scheduled and it also lists out all of your past live streams that you've already hosted. So this is basically a one stop shop you can share out to your followers, to your community, and they can buy access to your live streams on an ongoing basis or access to any past live streams.

So it's a great way to promote your upcoming live streams. And just as importantly, it's a great way to build passive income. So you can see here, if I for example, and someone who is following me and I want to to really buy the recording for this Mandorla Art Workshop, I can hit it and then I can come to the ticketing page for that live stream, see all of the info about it. My computer's a little spotty today.

I can see all the info about the live stream and ultimately buy access to the recording. So to really back in the main benefit of having a brand on Conifer and having your brand page is it gives you a way to just really generate a more sustainable, predictable income from your conifer live streams, whether you're promoting upcoming live streams or trying to generate passive income by selling your past recordings, your brand page is how you do it. So I hope this was helpful.

Like I said, it's very easy to set up your brand as you saw, and you're going to have to do it if you want to host live streams on the platform. But once you set it up, all of this all these awesome functionalities automatically kick in that are going to ultimately help you make more money on the platform. So thanks for watching. As always, if you have any questions, if you need clarification on any of this, just reach out to our team and we'd be happy to help.


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